Hello Fall!

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This past weekend we spent with the San Benito Historical Society Civil War Days. Amazing times were had by everyone, I, of course, was spinning on my magical wheel selling yarn and stuff. Both days the weather helped by keeping it cool.

We have been very busy getting ready for Crafty Fall Boutiques. Which means that we will be starting our busy season about now, we will be adding a calendar to the website so you will know if we are close to you. We would love to see you!

Let's talk Civil War Days, this was an amazing event. It was my second and I loved it! The first one was at Roaring Camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I will post a picture of my friends and I while we were in costume.


I had so much fun doing this and seeing as how it fits in with my trade, I will be doing more of these events around California. We will be going to Fresno on October 18th for this event https://www.facebook.com/events/657274921436596/?event_time_id=657274924769929 We hope to see you there!

As always if you have questions, please message us and we will answer as long as we have service. As some of these events take place in the outskirts of town, sometimes cell service is spotty, but we will answer as soon as we are able.

On to FALL, my favorite time of year. I have been knitting away and new scarves and hats will be being added to the shop this week. I've also made some handmade soap and washcloths, makeup remover cloths and much more too. Again we are morphing, so please check back often.

Check out the calendar when I get it up :), we will be updating with events near you soon. I would love to see you at an event, I love my customers!

As always,

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