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The new Shopify Store is in full swing, I am still adding products. I love the fact that I am gaining new customers and I welcome you all to the store. I am so appreciative of you all. Without you, I would not be living this fabulous life.

I am working on getting some of my patterns up on the site, it is being a little tedious, but I will persevere. 

Just some notes: I love to do festivals. I will be attending a Civil War Reenactment in Middletown California on September 28 & 29 2019. I will, of course, be spinning wool! If you are near Middletown, I would love to meet you. 

Looking forward to meeting you all at some point on this journey!

Here is a picture of me at the Civil War Reenactment in Felton California. It was an amazing weekend! My friend Cindy was with me Knitting and the Woman in the middle of us is my friend Becky, who is a master soap maker. She will also be selling her wares in Middletown, Ca.



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