About Us:

My name is Cathy and with the help of my 12 year old granddaughter Mackenzie, we manage Lovely Little Bits. 

I have always loved crafts. I started out as a kid crocheting. In 2002, I started knitting and that was it, I was hooked :) . From that point on I breathed yarn and everything to do with it, I learned how to spin, dye and weave yarn. I opened a yarn store in 2005 and enjoyed 6 years in the store before the economy took it away. I closed June 1st 2012. I opened my online Etsy store in 2012 and have been selling ever since.

Knitting, Crocheting and Spinning wool are becoming more prevalent, but had started fading into memory. I decided that these were arts that I did not want to fade away and therefore I taught Mackenzie. She started knitting at 6. I love teaching kids to knit. I volunteer at the fair every year and take my spinning wheel. Everywhere we go, we take extra yarn and needles in case we meet someone who wants to learn...